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Encrypted Media

In the age of Covid, social media, streaming and blockchain platforms are helping to connect users and enhance commercial media sales, yet the opportunity is not fully realized.

The LC3 Protocol allows for the authoring of encrypted LC3 media files - both commercial and private - which can then be transacted, transmitted, received, maintained, authenticated and accessed over a public network, but not operable as a copy or duplicate.

Each LC3 unit is a unique data-driven micro-application with quantum computer resistant encryption. Media, data and communications encrypted as units of LC3 can process data, display images and play media without being decrypted.

Creators remotely craft units of LC3 (e.g. songs, albums, movies, digital art, docs & data) in the Liaisun platform.

Once crafted, units of LC3 can be safely transmitted via an encrypted peer-to-peer connection between users of the platform, and then throughput to the platforms media players once received. This allows for both secure playback of encrypted media, and the development of an ecosystem around the creation, sale, authorization and access to LC3.

  • Multiple Content Types
    LC3 titles are operative to accept, maintain, and/or allow segmentation by content type and utilize multiple subordinate digital content types, each one of which can be operable in tandem and or operable separately within the framework of the client software stack.

  • Commercial and Non-Commercial
    Content can be issued as commercial or non-commercial; Commercial issuances are used by companies to facilitate usage with copyrighted content such as music or movies, while a non-commercial issuance may be used by the government, non-governmental organizations or the private sector.

  • Destructive and Non-Destructive LC3 Units
    The protocol allows for the formatting of destructive or nondestructive LC3. Nondestructive formats last indefinitely, while destructive formats are designed to be rendered inoperable after reaching a pre-authored drop-dead date.

  • Communication
    LC3 units can utilize peer-to-peer communication technology to ping creators when content from an LC3 unit is being streamed, or to allow throughput to users of direct anonymous, encrypted communication via text chat, audio/video conferencing, or direct audio/video broadcasting.