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Helping creative minds to connect, collaborate and deliver secure entertainment content.

ilibrium has thrown out the concept of isolating fundamental cloud services into separate market silos. This has provided the opportunity for us to create an entirely new experience for the creators, distributors and consumers of digital content.

Products and services are designed to integrate every layer of the stack. Collaborative tools for remote production, distribution, communication and blockchain are combined to create a fully-distributed ecosystem for managing encrypted intellectual properties (IP) over the Internet...stimulating sales of commercial digital media and bringing an end to digital piracy!

Businesses, audiences and creatives stay connected and in sync, during content creation, distribution, and monetization:

  • A full complement of interactive, synchronized & collaborative production services.

  • A unique experience for the consumption of interactive social content.

  • A next-generation quantum computer resistant cryptography system;

  • A network-native encrypted media file format that can be safely transacted, but cannot be copied or duplicated.

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Andrew Hirsch


Leo Arceo

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John Hart


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Owen Baldwin


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Paul Gunby


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